The company was founded in 1964, as Blue Ribbon Sport, by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, and officially became Nike, Inc. in 1978. Nike’s goal is to continue the legacy of innovative thinking by developing products for various types of athletes to help them achieve peak performance, create business opportunities that distinguish the company from its competitors and generate profit for its shareholders.

With help from their employees, Bowerman and Phil Knight, then a track athlete at Oregon University, developed a company that later became Nike – a US-based global distributor of sports footwear, clothing and equipment unparalleled in the world. Nike created a strong brand portfolio with several wholly owned subsidiaries including Cole Haan, Converse, Inc., Hurley International LLC, Nike Golf and Umbro Ltd.

Nike Sportswear is a line of products based on the company’s passion for sports that combines symbolical design with new technologies. During almost four decades of its official history, Nike Sportswear has aimed to preserve Nike’s original rebel spirit by creating new challenging products, designing extreme athletic innovations, and integrating the company’s original designs with new technologies to create the best possible products for today’s needs.